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Agincourt Business Services is your IT management consulting firm that will be able to provide your organization with solid IT solutions that will be both affordable and meet your needs now and well into the future. We have been in business for over 7 years and have an average experience level that surpasses 10 years. Our areas of expertise include server consolidations for applications and databases, high availability and clustering, enterprise storage and networking, and last but not least, security and monitoring. The industries that have benefited from our expertise include high-technology, financial, telecom, government, and non-profit.

Our services are offered around our strength to standardize and consolidate applications, databases, and servers, and leveraging our partnership products. To this date we have provided a large number of our customers with solutions that have encompassed both high availability and DRP, centralized enterprise storage, backup, security, and monitoring. Our end goal is to save our customers both time and money in the systems, database, and applications administrative areas and to provide them with solutions that will encompass their disaster recovery procedures.

Our growth over the last five years has resulted from client referrals and relationships. Our unique combination of dedication to culture and the quality of living of our team members, technical expertise, and outstanding track record distinguishes us.

Our many strengths include:

  • A fundamental commitment to professional ethics.

  • A seasoned management team, from project managers up to executives.

  • Exceptionally qualified and motivated teams of consultants and developers.

  • A track record of success with many of Canada’s most respected companies.

  • Extensive practical knowledge and theoretical understanding of mature and evolving information. technologies.

  • Formidable experience in deploying large IT solutions that encompass high availability, DRP, security and monitoring.

  • Formidable experience in critical business functions such as customer care, transaction processing, and decision support.

  • Strategic partnerships with industry-leading technology companies.

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